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Epic Win!

Epic Win! captures the quirky, obsessive — and completely unique — world of competitive ALTERNATIVE sports. First up: we follow the funny, dramatic journey of the world’s top “competitive cup stackers” as they prepare for — and compete in — a major national competition. Which of our all-stars will maintain their sanity and snag an EPIC WIN!?

Evacuate Earth

(Nat Geo) If we faced a countdown to destruction, could we build a spacecraft to take us to new and habitable worlds? Can we Evacuate Earth? This documentary special examines this terrifying but scientifically plausible scenario by exploring how we could unite to ensure the survival of the human race.

Factory Floor with Marshall Brain

Factory Floor with Marshall Brain

Each one-hour episode of FACTORY FLOOR WITH MARSHALL BRAIN takes curious viewers on a fast-paced and fact-filled adventure into the world of product design, manufacturing and testing – a world where traditional assembly lines collide with cutting edge technology to shape, forge, weld or build the objects we encounter in our everyday lives. (Nat Geo)

Five Star Secrets

In Five Star Secrets, America’s favorite hotel and hospitality expert Anthony Melchiorri is on a brand new mission: to showcase luxury properties that do it right!

Frenemies: Loyalty Turned Lethal

(Investigation Discovery) “Frenemies: Loyalty Turned Lethal” transports viewers into the chilling world of backstabbing and betrayal between best friends.

Gotta Get It

Gotta Get It

Get a leg up on the latest, greatest food-related gadgets as hosts Sunny Anderson and Marc Istook put to the test a twirling spaghetti fork, a high-tech speed oven, and a beverage cooler… that you can ride! (The Food Network)

History Rocks!

History Rocks!

First, 2 hours of prime time celebrate History Rocks: The 60’s. From GI Joe to draft dodgers, Marilyn to the moon, and politicians to pill poppers, the story of the decade emerges from the music. (The History Channel)

Hot Listings Miami

Welcome to sun-soaked Miami, where Florida real-estate tycoon Katrina Campins navigates business, family and relationships in the highly competitive world of uber-luxury property sales. (Style)

Hotel Impossible

Competition is fierce in the hotel business. Online sites like Trip Advisor can kill a business’ reputation with one bad review. Staffs are untrained, surly or apathetic in a profession that lives or dies on service. So what’s a struggling hotel operator to do? Hire Anthony Melchiorri, one of the most sought after hotel “fixers”.. (Travel Channel)