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25 Biggest TV Blunders

25 Biggest TV Blunders

Bungles, botches and bonehead moves. In this new special we count down the 25 biggest TV blunders. From late night debacles to notorious nipplegate. (TV GUIDE)

25 Most Hilarious Holiday TV Moments

25 Most Hilarious Holiday TV Moments

From Thanksgiving to New Years and everything in between, we’re counting down the gut-busting, laugh-out-loud, 25 Most Hilarious Holiday TV moments. Some are naughty, some are nice, and some are so bad — they’re good! (TV Guide)

Alien Attack: Can We Survive?

Prepare for high-end CGI and stunning recreations as top scientists, military strategists and authors war-game an extraordinary alien invasion scenario. Hosted by Michelle Rodriguez. Part of Discovery’s prestigious CURIOSITY brand. (Discovery)

All Year Round with Katie Brown

As the seasons change, so does practically everything about us. How we dress, what we cook, how we decorate our homes – all are transformed four times every year. Hosted by acclaimed author/designer/TV personality Katie Brown. (A&E)

American Eats

American Eats

The ultimate salute to American food, fascinating stories trace the incredible origins of hot dogs, soda, pizza, cookies, candy and other favorites. This enticing series takes a tasty look at the innovators and entrepreneurs who helped shaped the way that America eats. (The History Channel)

American Eats: History on a Bun

The ultimate salute to American food, fascinating stories tracing the origins of hot dogs, hamburgers, pizza, fried chicken and other favorites. Produced in association with The History Channel, American Eats recently won the prestigious James Beard Foundation Award for “Best National TV Food Journalism.” (The History Channel)

Art Attack with Lee Sandstead

How do you bring art to the masses, without the dense, erudite, British-accented explanations art scholars are so fond of? Well, Atlas found the answer in ART ATTACK, an 8-part series for The Travel Channel that features in-your-face art historian Lee Sandstead taking viewers on an exciting journey through the world’s top art museums. (Travel Channel)

Auction Agent

Cool antiques, quirky objects, even high quality “junk”– you never know what this Auction Agent will find! (HGTV)

Behind the Bash

Behind the Bash with Giada DeLaurentiis

Ever been to a six-figure wedding? Or an over-the-top Hollywood movie premiere? How about an exclusive VIP party for million-dollar high-rollers in Vegas? Now you’re invited — to go Behind the Bash! (The Food Network)