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Atlas Classic Library

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Alien Abduction: The Mystery Unveiled (Discovery Channel)

Amazing People (APTV/International)

American Classics with Dick Clark (History Channel)

American Drinks: History in a Glass (History Channel)

American Eats (History Channel)

Audubon’s Animals (Disney Channel)

Beach Ambush (OLN)

Big Deals (History Channel)

Bragging Rights (OLN)

Breaking Vegas: The Series (History Channel)

Caught: The Ice Chest Murder (TLC)

Cereal: History in a Bowl (History Channel)

Everest: Mountain of Dreams, Mountain of Doom (PBS)

Everyday Things (National Geographic)

Exotic Islands (Travel Channel)

Expedition Africa: Stanley & Livingstone Webisodes (History Channel)

Extreme Cuisine (Food Network)

Fantastic Voyage: The Evolution of Sci-fi (History Channel)

Forecast Earth (Weather Channel)

Golfing America and the World (Travel Channel)

Highway Hangouts: Celebrating America’s Roadside (History Channel)

Highway Hangouts: Eat & Run (History Channel)

History’s Lost and Found (History Channel)

How Not To Die (TLC/Discovery Health)

How Not to DIY (DIY Network)

How They Won: 7 Secrets to Winning the Presidency (History Channel)

How to Survive (Discovery)

Incredible Eats (Food Network)

Maneaters of the Wild (A&E)

More American Eats (History Channel)

More Highway Hangouts: Fun Along the Road (History Channel)

Mysterious Places with Stacy Keach (Travel Channel)

Out of this World (APTV)

Rituals of the World (TLC)

Romantic Inns of America (Travel Channel)

Route 66: A Cruise Down Main Street (Travel Channel)

Royal Families of the World (WE: Women’s Entertainment)

Royal Inquest (TLC)

Rt. 666 America’s Scariest Home Haunts (FEARnet)

Shark Terror: The Mini-Series (Syndication)

Six Degrees of Francis Bacon (History Channel)

Skeleton Stories (Discovery Health)

Spend It Fast! (Warner Bros/WE)

Stounder web channel (YouTube)

Streets of Fear (FEARnet)

Supertools (History Channel)

Survival Guide (Fine Living)

Tailgating (History Channel)

Tennis World (Travel Channel)

The Tax Show with Tony Randall (Syndication)

The Vote 101 (History Channel)

The Winning Strategies Series with James Coburn (DVD)

ToolBox (History Channel)

Top 5 (Food Network)

Top 5 Specials (Food Network)

Total Beauty Makeover: Dog Edition (Lifetime)

Toxic Files (Planet Green)

Travel Channel Specials (Travel Channel)

Travel Smart (Travel)= Channel)

Trial By Fire (History Channel)

TV Game Hall of Fame (GSN)

TV’s Greatest Food Moments (Food Network)

What Happened After…? (History Channel)