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Young, Sexy, & …

19 Apr 2012

Jessica Simpson… Prince Harry… J.Lo… Eminem. They’re young, they’re sexy, and they’re hot, hot, hot! In every spectacular, star-studded hour, Young, Sexy &… brings you up close and personal with your favorite royals, actors, rock stars, supermodels, sports figures and more as they keep the tabloids busy and the public in thrall.

Go behind the velvet ropes, inside the tinted-window limos, and through the back-stage doors to meet a whole new generation of sensational provocateurs. Titles include: Young, Sexy & Royal; Young, Sexy & Royal II; Young, Sexy & Spoiled; Young, Sexy & Busted!; Young, Sexy & Rockin’; Young, Sexy & Sporty; Young, Sexy & Rich; Young, Sexy & Cookin’; Young, Sexy & Hollywood; and Young, Sexy & Soapy (featuring soap opera stars).