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Hotel Impossible

Anthony Melchiorri

Now entering its fourth season.  Competition is fierce in the hotel business. Online sites like Trip Advisor can kill a business’ reputation with one bad review. What if hotel staffs are untrained, surly or apathetic in a profession that lives or dies on service? What’s a struggling hotel operator to do? Hire Anthony Melchiorri, one of the most sought after hotel “fixers” in the country. His no-nonsense approach can turn any establishment around in weeks…and he plans to do just that in HOTEL IMPOSSIBLE. Each 60-minute episode features a hotel fighting for its life. Anthony comes in and secretly scouts the property, identifying its biggest problems. He then meets with every level of the staff and whips them into shape. He meets with management to determine if the problems stem from the top down. Anthony comes up with a plan and prescribes changes that we’ll see take place over the course of 2 weeks. Can the hotel get it together?

ABOUT ANTHONY MELCHIORRI: A 20-year veteran of the hotel business, Anthony honed his skills in operations at the world-famous

Plaza Hotel in New York City and eventually became the “go to” guy to help rehabilitate struggling hotels. The job that put Anthony on the map as the definitive “hotel whisperer” was his incredible rehab of the legendary Algonquin Hotel—an historic hotel in serious decline until Anthony transformed it into a Four Star-rated Michelin Guide Hotel. Today, as founder of the NY Hotel Management Company, Anthony’s presence and charm get him attention, but it is his ability to create a plan, transform a hotel’s physical space while at the same time turning a company’s staff into a well-oiled machine that put him in high demand.