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Hot Listings Miami

23 Oct 2013

Welcome to sun-soaked Miami, where Florida real-estate tycoon Katrina Campins navigates business, family and relationships in the highly competitive world of uber-luxury property sales.

Katrina Campins who starred on the first season of The Apprentice sells some of the most luxurious and expensive homes around Miami and South Florida. This business is cut-throat and competitive, and serious drama ensues when Katrina comes up against top-notch real estate extraordinaires Tomi Rose, David Pulley, and Patricia Delinois. There’s also heart-felt and hilarious moments with her ex-husband Ben, mother Sofia and sister Camille, who all work at Campins Company. Outside of work, tears are shed when Katrina and her best friend Kelly struggle to keep their friendship alive, and all the while Katrina searches for true and lasting love….