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Big Law: Deputy Butterbean

21 Dec 2011

World famous super-heavyweight boxer, Eric “Butterbean” Esch, is trading in his boxing gloves for a badge in his hometown of Jasper, Alabama. Weighing in at 400 pounds, Deputy Butterbean is training on the job, to become a full-fledged deputy. He’ll wear a uniform (custom made, of course) carry a gun, and perform all required police duties.

The Walker County Sheriff’s Department deals with all types of cases…domestic violence, grand theft, criminal assault and most of all, drugs. Frequently receiving tips from confidential informants, Bean and the Narcotics Enforcement Team go out into the dangerous and deadly world of crack cocaine, crystal meth and illegal prescription pills.

Bean’s partner and longtime friend, Deputy Sheriff Adam Hadder, has no intention of babying him. Hadder will get Bean in tip-top shape to become the best deputy he can be. Even if that means training sessions where Bean is the target of paintballs, tazers and pepper spray, oh my!

During a bust, deputies are glad that Bean has their back and suspects quickly appreciate his tough love as he tries to help get them on the “straight and narrow.” Jasper may be a small town, but it’s his small town and Butterbean is going to do what it takes to keep the streets safe! He is truly a fighter with a heart of gold.