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In the Line of Fire

10 May 2016

Criminal Law Expert/CBS Legal Commentator, RIKKI KLIEMAN, dives in to the amazing true stories of brave men and women in blue who went above and beyond the call of duty, putting their own lives at risk to save citizens they’re sworn to protect. (ID)

What History Forgot

We all know that the United States was the first nation to put a man on the moon, but did you know that the Soviets were there too? What about the true origins behind our beloved Star Spangled Banner (hint: it may or may not have been a drinking song!) For every great story that people remember, there are hundreds of others that remain untold. (AHC)

Monument Guys

13 Apr 2015

Welcome to The Crucible — a legendary foundry in Norman, Oklahoma where brothers Mark and Steve Palmerton, along with master sculptor Craig Campbell, preserve history in molten metal. (History)

The Mind of a Murderer

What drives people to murder? Only the killers themselves know the truth. Criminal Psychologist Dr. Michelle Ward goes behind prison walls and confronts killers face to face to uncover the dark truths and hidden motivations behind their crimes. (ID)

Five Star Secrets

09 Apr 2015

In Five Star Secrets, America’s favorite hotel and hospitality expert Anthony Melchiorri is on a brand new mission: to showcase luxury properties that do it right!

Epic Win!

13 Mar 2015

Epic Win! captures the quirky, obsessive — and completely unique — world of competitive ALTERNATIVE sports. First up: we follow the funny, dramatic journey of the world’s top “competitive cup stackers” as they prepare for — and compete in — a major national competition. Which of our all-stars will maintain their sanity and snag an EPIC WIN!?