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19 Jul 2016
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First Channel “Curious Jack” to Officially Launch August 2016


(July 18, 2016) — NEW YORK — New York-based Atlas Media Corp, a leading producer of nonfiction TV programming, feature documentaries, and digital content announced today that it has set up a digital arm to create and develop intellectual property, launch multiplatform channels, and sell sponsorships and branded integrations. The announcement was made today by Bruce David Klein, Atlas Media’s President & Executive Producer.

The unit’s first effort kicks off on August 15th with the official launch of Curious Jack, a multiplatform channel that celebrates fun, quirky, surprising information — “things you didn’t know you need to know” about pop culture, food, fashion, music, history, science and the paranormal. Curious Jack will launch with a half-dozen short-form series including: 1001 Things You Need To Know, Jack on the Street, 7 Secrets with Myka Fox, and Best Proof.

A separate team within Atlas has been hired to develop and produce digital content, analyze data, and manage the channel’s social media outreach and search engine optimization. The Curious Jack team is led by Victor Varnado, a seasoned multiplatform creative executive (and standup comedian) who’s overseen projects for Comedy Central, Nerdist, Legendary Entertainment, Marvel Comics, and many others.

“If we’re going to be able to follow our production partners – and audiences – to new distribution platforms over the next few years, it’s crucial that we invest resources now in the digital space,” says Klein. “The Wild West of digital scares off a lot of linear producers, and it’s taken us a bit of time to figure out how to do digital right and how to assemble a team that gets it – but we did it, and we’re ready for a big adventure.”

Atlas plans to launch several multiplatform channels a year. The second one, set to launch in the 4Q 2016 is sports driven and venture capital backed. The third one, set to launch in 2017 is in the Hollywood/Pop Culture space.

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